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Tony Lalicata Cement Contractor has been creating outdoor spaces for over 46 years, that enhance any home’s appeal. You can count on their experience and dedication to your project.

At Tony Lalicata Cement Contractor, located in Muskego, Southeastern Wisconsin, you’ll work directly with Tony, the owner, who is always available to answer your questions and oversees all work on site. It’s that attention to detail that makes Tony Lalicata Cement Contractor the #1 State of Wisconsin Concrete Design Award Winner.

Not all cement contractors are created equal – so when you’re ready to install or refurbish your outdoor concrete call Tony Lalicata Cement.

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LaLicata Cement Facts

Over the years there has been confusion about the surname “LaLicata” in the concrete industry. In more recent years, several other concrete companies have been established that share the LaLicata name. Some of these other companies may have confusing and/or misleading advertisements regarding when their business was established and suggesting that they have been in business longer than they actually have.

It is not the intention of Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor to discredit or slander any other company. Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor only wishes to set the record straight – once and for all.

There is no other LaLicata that has been in the concrete business nearly as long as Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor has.

With that being said, if you were referred to a “LaLicata Cement” that did concrete work for a friend or relative 30 or more years ago, it is Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor that your friend or relative was referring to, as there was no other LaLicata Cement Contractor in business at that time.

However, if you were referred to us by someone who has had concrete work done more recently, please be sure to verify which LaLicata it was by asking for a first name to avoid any misunderstandings.

Please read the History of Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor to find out more about our company, our passion for cement, and our commitment to our customers.

Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor History

Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor began business in 1965. The company was established by Tony Sr. and Mary Ann LaLicata – the original founders. From the beginning, high standards were set. Over the next couple of decades, the company continued to grow and establish the LaLicata name in the industry.

In the early 1980’s Anthony (Tony Jr.) began working in the family business. Tony Jr. immediately became passionate about the business and was mentored by his father for many years.

By the mid 1990’s most management had been turned over to Tony Jr. At this time, his wife, Tricia, began working in the family business.

From 1965 to the present day, Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor has grown to be one of the leading cement contractors in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our success is dictated by strong family values, work ethic, impeccable workmanship, quality materials… and last, but not least, customer relationships.

Sadly, in September 2006, Tony LaLicata Sr. passed away after a short, but fierce battle with cancer. We are proud to continue his legacy and carry on his passion for cement.

Currently, Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor is owned and operated by Tony LaLicata (formerly Tony Jr.) and his wife Tricia LaLicata. Mary Ann LaLicata, one of the original founders, is also still actively involved in the family business.