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I'm not sure if 5 stars is enough for this amazing family business. I have never seen such a hard working crew of polite focused workers. A well oiled machine is putting it lightly.

Kathy Egelkrout, Customer

Communication and customer service was A+. I would highly recommend them.

Richard Hannig, Customer

10/10!!! HUGE shoutout to Tony and his crew for the amazing and beautiful driveway!

Tyler D, Customer

New Customer Reviews

Satisfied customers are the heart of any business. The goal of Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor is to have every customer 100% satisfied. We know that by making this commitment to all of our customers, the name Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor will travel, our business will grow and ultimately prosper. You benefit by working with the company that is focused on making you one of our success stories. We love to hear from our customers and hope that one day you will join our list of the 100% satisfied customers below:.

Tony's crews are amazing dedicated workers!

They did our concrete driveway about 3 years ago, I sealed it per their directions, and it still looks like new! Yes, they are very busy and had to wait months for them to start the job, but we are truly a satisfied customer. Plus, the pricing was very fair. We plan on using them for all our future concrete needs.

Stewart Jadofsky

Driveway Concrete

These guys know their craft and that's hard to find these days.

We recently had our driveway completed by TLCC Inc and we are very impressed with the end result. From initial consult to post-pour, Tony Jr has been professional, knowledgeable and communicative and his crew provided skilled, quality work. 

Alexandria Volk

Driveway Installation

Exceptional Communication and quality of work

We had a driveway installed recently and it came out beautiful. We also had some time constraints with our landscaping company and were able to communicate this to Tony LaLicata and they were able to accommodate. I will be recommending their company to anyone who needs concrete work done for them.

Bradley Sachse

Driveway & Landscaping


Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor did our sons driveway in Big Bend over ten years ago. This year we decided it was time to have our concrete work removed and replaced. We called Tony, amongst several other contractors, and were most impressed by Tony’s overall presentation and quality of work. Our home looks new again, even though just had the concrete replaced. Tony and his men are a great group of guys to work with. Our neighbors continue to comment on the nice job he did for us.

Randy & Shirley Reinke

Muskego, WI

I was referred to Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor from several business associates who highly recommended him to me. I am in management for a large commercial construction company and have knowledge of cement and the proper steps necessary for concrete work to be set up, poured, and finished properly. I witnessed Tony and his men utilize the correct procedures and am impressed by how well they work together. While not being one of the cheapest contractors – by far one of the best. I will recommend Tony to many.

Jim Hubbel

Sussex, WI

Tony LaLicata was referred to us by friends who were happy with the concrete work he had done for them. His pricing was very competitive and he and his workers were extremely efficient. The driveway is beautiful and we have received many compliments on it. We would definitely recommend tony to anyone considering concrete work.

Mark & Fran Goldner

Mequon, WI

I used Tony several years ago at my previous home and recently moved to a new home that needed a large driveway. I called Tony to come out and give me an estimate, and signed up to have the work done by him. Once again, I am a VERY SATISFIED customer. My neighbor liked my driveway so much that he hired Tony to do his work as well.

Kurt Rozman

Muskego, WI

In the fall of 2010 we decided to get a large driveway, large patio, and dog kennel poured in concrete. We asked friends and family who they had heard of and recommended, and also researched several concrete contractors on the internet. Tony LaLicata had a great reputation and we had seen his work on several homes, including that of a family member. We called to make an appointment for an estimate.

The experience was an excellent one from the beginning to end. After scheduling an appointment with a most friendly Tricia LaLicata on the phone, we met with Tony to go over what we had hoped to get done and how we hoped it would be laid out. Tony met us at our home promptly at the time we agreed upon (he was actually early) and walked through the entire job with us. He gave us an excellent bid and we decided to have him actually make the patio LARGER than we initially discussed. He worked within our budget and did it without cutting corners.

The day before the pour, Tony came out and outlined the job and got things ready for his crew. The next day the crew was there on time and with all the proper equipment to get the job done effectively and efficiently. His crew was courteous and steadfast in their work. We were REALLY IMPRESSED to see that Tony was not only the owner, but part of the crew. The job went smoothly and the quality of the work was second to none in our opinion.

We couldn’t have been happier and have recommended Tony LaLicata Cement to several friends already!

Dean & Margaret Arndt

Tony removed and replaced a large amount of concrete at my home on Lake Drive in Milwaukee, WI. Tony and his crew were proficient and executed flawlessly throughout the process of the project on my property. He has done a lot of work in the area this year, and all of it looks wonderful. I would not hesitate to refer Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor.

Ed Hofman

Milwaukee, WI

Being a home owner in the Muskego area, I always like to try to work with contractors in the community. However, I do get other prices from ‘outsiders’ to keep everyone honest. In doing so, I found Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor to be the contractor that suited my needs. I had a very large slab poured for my pole building. Tony was an easy going guy to work with. He knew what was needed to do the job correctly and his price was right in the ballpark. They were quite a team and very polite – not your typical construction workers. The way they worked and finished my job in two days, as I was told, was unbelievable! One day for set-up and the next day for the pour. Very Impressed!

Darwin Green

Muskego, WI

Anthony was referred to us by a friend who works in landscape and was familiar with the quality of his work. He said, “You can’t go wrong with Tony. He’s very trusted in the concrete industry.” After meeting with Tony, we were totally impressed with his thorough explanation of his work and hired him to do our driveway, sidewalk, and back patio.

The day started off smoothly, but then an unforeseen storm came and rained on our freshly poured concrete. We weren’t sure what the long term effects would be on our concrete, but Tony knew. Instead of leaving us with concrete that, over time, would not have held up, he made the decision that they would tear the entire job out and start over the next day.

The decision to not walk away, but rather to do the right thing, was the trust and quality he guaranteed us when we signed our contact with him. We are so glad we did.

Lori & Jay Feuerstein

Sussex, WI

I contacted Tony to come out to give me an estimate along with other contractors. While Tony’s was not the cheapest one I received, he was the person/ contractor that I was most confident in – so much so that I signed up on the spot – which I usually never do. Tony took the time to go over the job with me and together we layed out the design that we thought would look the nicest. He delivered the job I hired him to do and I as very satisfied with the ending results. Thank you for a wonderful job and I will refer you to anyone looking to have concrete work done.

Don Desmonic,

Vernon, WI

I had several contractors out to give me a free estimate and after evaluating all of them, I decided to sign-up with Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor. Tony’s price was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. He was very up front with what he was going to do for me and delivered it at a fair price. I found Tony to be professional and easy to work with. Being an electrician who served an apprenticeship on construction sites, I observed Tony and his crew to work flawlessly together. I am a very satisfied customer who looks forward to referring Tony LaLicata Cement Contractor to family, friends and casual acquaintances.

David Kuri

Muskego, WI

We hired Tony to remove and replace our old concrete in mid-August 2010. He and his crew did an amazing job and we were very impressed. Things that set Tony aside from other contractors were: He went over things thoroughly with us; The guys were there on time; and, we liked that Tony was a hands-on guy that got dirty like the rest of the workers. We highly recommend Tony LaLicata Cement and have already referred him to my niece who is in need of concrete work.

Al & Pam Schwister

Menomonee Falls, WI

We hired Tony LaLicata Cement contractor to install a driveway at our home. In dealing with Tony, I found him to be a trustworthy contractor who was true to his word. Sometimes, dealing with contractors is not always easy and they tell you they will give you something and then they don’t. Tony does not operate his business like that at all.

My husband and I are very particular and organized and we like things done neatly at our home. Keeping in mind that it was still construction work and there was going to be a mess, we were pleasantly surprised at what a nice job Tony and his crew did at removing and replacing our drive and walkway while disturbing as little of the existing landscape and grass as possible – they even cleaned up the street afterwards. Hats off to these guys for a job well done.

Tom & Betty Zainer

Franklin, WI

As a concrete supplier in Southeastern Wisconsin, we work with a variety of contractors, and one of the area’s best is Tony LaLicata Cement. Tony and his crew pride themselves on the quality of their work from their first step to their last. Since we began working together, we have never heard a complaint or call back from a homeowner, which is an incredible track record. If you’re going to spend the time and money on an investment, make sure it comes from one of the area’s premier flatwork contractors – Tony LaLicata Cement.

Nick Rivecca

President, Sonag Ready Mix LLC

Tony and his crew did a very nice job of following industry standards and specifications. His team was very cooperative and worked like a well-oiled machine during all facets of the work. Finishing, joint cutting and curing were handled in a very timely fashion. No water or steel trowels were used at any time during the finishing procedures to aid in surface finishing. Tony’s finishers were very quality oriented and knew how to handle concrete. Based on my observations I have no reservations recommending Tony and his crew in the future.

Patrick C. Bauer

Bauer Concrete Solutions

I hired Tony in the Spring of 2010 to install a concrete driveway at our home and was very happy with his work. Later in the Fall of 2010 I had Tony come back to install a patio. I knew it was not going to be an easy job due to an extensive retaining wall and challenging grade issues. Tony worked with us throughout the entire process. I would say his price is competitive to other contractors, but what won me over was in speaking with him. When he came out to give me the estimate, I felt that Tony felt most confident compared to the other contractors and knew he could handle the grade issues that would be in store for him. This made me feel comfortable in signing up with him. I am proud to say I have the best concrete work in the entire subdivision!

Aaron Weidenbaum

Muskego, WI

Tony LaLicata, his wife, and his crew were GREAT to work with. From the initial quote to treating the cement – and everything in between – everyone at Tony LaLicata Cement was professional, friendly, and helpful. They taught us a lot about quality concrete, worked with us regarding our schedule, and provided outstanding customer service.

We love our new driveway and patio and have already received many compliments on the little touches they added. This customer is 100% Satisfied – Thanks Tony!

Joe & Beth Feest

Franksville, WI